IFEA Research Award

IFEA Research Award Committee

2020 – 2022
Chairperson; Dr David Jaramillo – USA

2018 – 2020
Chairperson; Dr. Christine Berthold – Canada

Africa Region;
Asia Region;
Dr. Yoshitsugu Terauchi – Japan,
Europe Region;
Dr Etienne Medioni – France
Dr George Eliades – Greece
North America Region;
Dr Christine Berthold – Canada- Chairperson
Dr David Jaramillo – USA
Oceania Region;
Dr David Figdor – Australia
Dr Peter Cathro – New Zealand
South America Region;
Dr Gabriela Martin – Argentina
Dr Sergio Rosler – Argentina

2016 – 2018
Chairperson; Dr. Christine Berthold – Canada

2014 – 2016
Chairperson; Prof Markus Haapasalo – Canada

IFEA Jean – Marie Laurischesse Research Award Recipients.


Joint recipients;

Dr. Kwang ho (Kyle) Kim from University of Toronto (Canada) : 2000 USD

Title: “Efficacy of the GentleWave system to remove biofilm from infected root canal system before or after minimal instrumentation”

Dr. Nilay Ayaz from Boston University (USA) : 2000 USD

Title : “Effect of the GentleWave System on Dentin Microhardness and Sealer Penetration: An in Vitro Study.”

Dr. B. Saravana Karthikeyan & Dr. M. Madhana Madhubala from SRM University (India) : 2000 USD

Title : “Egg Shell Derived Nanohydroxyapatite Incorporated Carboxymethyl Chitosan Scaffold Functionalized with Polydopamine Nanoparticles for Pulp-Dentin Regeneration- An Animal Study”

Joint recipients;

Dr. Muna Marashdeh.
Institution; University of Toronto

Title; “Antimicrobial efficacy and physical properties of root canal sealers loaded with drug-silica Co-assembled particles.”

Dr. Gillian Landzberg
Institution; University of Toronto

Title; “A novel Antibacterial repair (SMART) Varnish to condition root-end dentin in endodontic microsurgery.”


Dr. Ozge Erdogan.
University of NYU, USA.

Title; “Efficacy Of Bupivacaine On The Oral Health-Related Quality Of Life After Endodontic Treatment In Symptomatic Mandibular Molars: A Double Blind Randomized Controlled.”

Joint recipients;

Dr. Jaqueline Lopez Gross,
Institution; University of Toronto, Canada.

Title; “Astroglial plasticity within the rat orofacial sensorimotor cortex induced by endodontic treatment versus tooth extraction.”

Final Report (2020)

Dr. Manish Khazane
Institution; SRM Dental College, Chennai, India.

Title; “Evaluation Of Calcific Bridge Formation By Pachymic Acid And Biodentine As Pulp Capping Agents In Human Tooth Culture Models – An In Vitro Histologic Study.”

Joint recipients;

Dr. Davide Musu
Institution; Università degli studi di Cagliari,Italy.

Title; “Ultrasound examination in the detection of apical periodontitis: an In Vitro vs In Vivo study.”

Final Report (2020)

Dr Marco Bartoli
Institution; Università degli Studi di Brescia,Italy

Title; “The influence of ultrasonicated obturation on the depth of sealer penetration into dentinal tubules: A confocal microscopic study and digital image processing.”

Final Report (2020)

Joint recipients;

Dr. Sameer Jain
Institution; University of Texas Health Science Centre, USA.

Title; “Identifying Key Targets for Apical Periodontitis Development and Progression”

Final Report (2016)

Dr. Mohamed Elbarbary*
Institution: Toronto, Canada.

Title; “Detection of vertical root fracture using ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging: an Ex-vivo porcine cadaver study”.

*This Award was not accepted by the candidate, because technical difficulties prevented the study from proceeding.

Dr. Jeeraphat Jantarat
Insitution; Mahidol University, Thailand

Title “The Efficiancy of various concentrations of silk fibroin hydrogel scaffold for stem cell apical papilla (SCAP) proliferation.”

Final Report (March 2018)

Dr. Jason Gagliardi
Institution; Univ. of Toronto, Canada

Title: “Evaluation of shaping abilities and mechanical properties of root canals prepared with ProTaper NEXT or Revo-S rotary files in severally curved canals.”

Final Report (June 2015)

Dr. Xenos Petridis
Institution; xxxxx Athens,Greece

Title “Evaluation of dental pulp cells/hyaluronic‐based scaffold biocomplexes in bone repair”) from

Dr. Annie Shrestha
Institution; Univ. of Toronto, Canada.

Title;Photo activated polycationic bioactive nanoparticles to inactivate bacterial endotoxins in infected dentin.

Dr. Rada Haddadin
Institution; Univ. of Western Australia, Australia

Title; Influence of simulated mastication on fracture susceptibility of endodontically
treated teeth.2) Influence of access cavity design on fracture susceptibility of endodontically treated teeth.

Final Report
Final Report Cover Letter

Dr. Babak Nurbakhsh
Institution; Univ.of Toronto, Canada.

Title; Post-treatment resolution of maxillary sinus mucositis associated with apical periodontitis of maxillary teeth. A cone-beam CT investigation.



Dr. Amir Azarpazhooh
Institution; Univ. of Toronto, Canada

Title; “Eliciting patients’ preferences in clinical decision making between implant and endodontics: The use of conjoint analysis”


Dr. Gaelle Villette
Institution; Univ of Toronto, Canada

Title; “The Development of an Ex-vivo Model for Quantification of Root Canal Bacteria During Endodontic Treatment”

Dr Stéphane Simon
Institution; Univ. of Paris, France.

Title; Studying the Msx1 homeogene box expression in the pulp healing process after capping with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate.


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