Previous World Endodontic Congresses

2018 South Korea 11th
IFEA President; Dr Mark Wotzke
President, Preparation Committee; Dr Euiseong Kim
Chair; Scientific Committee; Prof. Hyeon-Cheol Henry Kim
Director, International Affairs, KAE; A/Prof Su-Jung Shin
Program & Abstract Booklet.
Photograph Gallery

2016 South Africa 10th
IFEA President; Dr Sam Dorn
Congress President; Dr Peet van der Vyver
Photograph Gallery

2013 Japan 9th
IFEA President; Dr Patrick Bogaerts
Congress President; Dr Hideaki Suda
Organising Committees

Photograph Gallery

2010 Greece 8th
IFEA President; Dr Anthony Hoskinson
Congress President; Dr Panos Panopoulos
Photograph Gallery

2007 Canada 7th
IFEA President; Dr Paul Abbott
Congress President; Dr Fred Weinstein
Photograph Gallery

2004 Australia 6th
IFEA President; Dr Adam Stabholz
Congress President; Dr Ralph Reid
Congress Treasurer; Dr Mark Wotzke
Photograph Gallery

2001 Spain 5th
IFEA President; Dr Fred Weinstein

1998 Israel 4th
IFEA President; Dr Don Arens

1995 Italy 3rd
IFEA President; Dr Jean-Marie Laurichesse

1992 France 2nd
IFEA President; Dr Arnaldo Castellucci

1990 Mexico 1st
IFEA President; Dr Steve Schwartz

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