Dr. Ove A. Peters

Dr. Ove A. Peters

Date of Birth:


1 049 Noe Street

San Francisco California United States 94114

Phone: 415 401 8891



Degrees: PD Dr med dent

Current Position: Clinical Instructor, Postgraduate Fellow, UC San Francisco, USA

Previous Positions: Associate Professor and Co-Head of the Postgraduate Clinic, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Society Memberships:

Previous Publications and Speaking Engagements:

  • Research Papers: 30
  • Books:
  • Book Chapters: 2
  • Clinical Articles: 2
  • Major Lectures: 25
  • Local Lectures: 15
  • Continuing Eductation Courses: 55

Speaking Topics:

  1. Cleaning and Shaping
  2. Physical parameters of NiTi instruments
  3. Root canal anatomy
  4. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth
    Additional topics if available
  5. non vital bleaching
  6. endodontic microsurgery

Languages: English, German

Web Site:

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