Dr. Peter Cathro

Dr. Peter Cathro

Date of Birth:


Dept of Stomatology, School of Dentistry University of Otago PO Box 647 Dunedin

New Zealand

Phone: 03 479 6530


Email: [email protected]

Degrees: BDS MDS

Current Position: Senior lecturer, Dept of Stomatology, University of Otago

Previous Positions: Private Practice limited to endodontics 1995-2000

Society Memberships: New Zealand Dental Association New Zealand Society of Endodontics Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists

Previous Publications and Speaking Engagements:

  • Research Papers: 3
  • Books:
  • Book Chapters:
  • Clinical Articles:
  • Major Lectures: 2
  • Local Lectures: 3
  • Continuing Eductation Courses: 9

Speaking Topics:

  1. Revolutions in Endodontics: Scientific rationale for using NiTi instrumentation (1 hour)
  2. NiTi hand instrumentation and rotary instrumentation (2 hours)
  3. Current concepts in Obturation (2 hours)
  4. Getting out of difficulty – post removal, perforation repair (1 hour)
    Additional topics if available
  5. Treatment planning for endodontics (1 hour)
  6. Informed consent (1 hour)
  7. Almost any topic by arrangement (1hour ->?)

Languages: English

Web Site:

*Please contact the speaker directly for more complete C.V. and details of topics