Prof. Elias Maalouf

Prof. Elias Maalouf

Date of Birth:


Rabieh, 7th Street


Phone: +961-3-301376


Email: [email protected]

Degrees: DCD, DESE

Current Position: President, Lebanese Dental Association Chairman, Postgraduate Program and Professor, Department of Endodontics, School of Dental Medicine, Saint-Joseph University

Previous Positions: Chairman, Department of Endodontics,School of Dental Medicine, Saint-Joseph University Chairman, Union of Arab Dental Associations

Society Memberships: LSE AIDS ICD ESE

Previous Publications and Speaking Engagements:

  • Research Papers: 1
  • Books:
  • Book Chapters:
  • Clinical Articles: 10
  • Major Lectures: 50
  • Local Lectures: 30
  • Continuing Eductation Courses: 10

Speaking Topics:

  1. Root canal anatomy
  2. Shaping and cleaning
  3. Filling the root canal system
  4. Thermafil
    Additional topics if available
  5. Periapical lesions
  6. History of endodontics

Languages: French, English

Web Site:

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