Dr. Inoue Noboru

Dr. Inoue Noboru

Date of Birth:


3-23-19 Daizawa Seta Gaya-ku, Tokyo

Japan 155-0032

Phone: 81335021034

Fax: 81335953599


Degrees: Ms, DDS, DDsc

Current Position: Advisor of JEA

Previous Positions: Director of JEA, Vice President of JEA, Auditor of JEA, Standing Director of ICD Japan section

Society Memberships: JOA, JEA, AAE, ICD

Previous Publications and Speaking Engagements:

  • Research Papers: 4
  • Books:
  • Book Chapters: 2
  • Clinical Articles: 29
  • Major Lectures: 4
  • Local Lectures: 24
  • Continuing Eductation Courses:

Speaking Topics:

  1. Audio metric method for determining the lengths of root canal
  2. The accurate measurement of root canal length
  3. Clinical evaluation of Audiometric Control root canal treatment
  4. Biological healing of the apical pathosis
    Additional Topics if Available
  5. Latero-vertical condensation method
  6. Long-term folllow up observation 10yrs-30yrs

Languages: Japanese, English

Web Site:

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