The following list of speakers is not exhaustive. Its intended to assist IFEA Member Societies in seeking recommended speakers from other Member Societies.

A Member Society can nominate further speakers from its membership, providing the speaker is nominated by the Association’s Executive, and the nomination is accompanied by signed acceptance by the speaker. Such nominations should be sent to the IFEA Secretary. IFEA reserves the right not to list a speaker. Similarly, speakers listed can elect to be removed from the list by contacting his/her Member Society Executive as well as the IFEA Secretary. A Society for which the speaker is a member, can also elect to remove a speaker, by firstly advising the speaker and subsequently contacting the IFEA Secretary.

argentina Argentina

australia Australia

colombia Colombia

france France

israel Israel

japan Japan

korea Korea

Lebanon Lebanon

New Zealand New Zealand

Switzerland Switzerland

United Kingdom United Kingdom

United States of America United States of America