United States – 07 September, 2005


American Association of Endodontists Advancement of the specialty and improving the quality of care are issues common to all of us. The AAE feels that we can be of assistance in pursuing recognition of the specialty, independent departments in dental schools, enhanced referral patterns, and education of the profession and the public as to what we can do. The AAE‘s strategic plan and mission statement include a desire to serve as a resource for endodontists, the profession of dentistry, and the public. We are open to new ideas, and eager to explore new opportunities around the world. In particular, we are interested in partnering with other national and international endodontic organizations on educational meetings.  The AAE has reiterated its support of the IFEA World Congress in Vancouver and will work with the CAE to ensure its success.

The AAE hosted the first International Endodontic Community Meeting to discuss issues of common concern worldwide.  The participants included representatives of the major international endodontic organizations, including IFEA.

In recent years, the AAE has expanded its activities on the international front. Simultaneous interpretation of many lectures at the AAE into 3-4 other languages is now in its third year. Many AAE publications are available in languages other than English. We partnered with the Spanish Association of Endodontists to publish the AAE Glossary in Spanish. We believe that there is mutual benefit in exploring shared products and services. AAE representatives attended a number of international endodontic meetings.

The AAE welcomed over 3,000 attendees to our 2005 Annual Session in Dallas, Texas in April.  For the third year we have provided translation into Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.  At this Annual Session, a cocktail reception was hosted by IFEA, and the annual General Assembly meeting of IFEA was held.  Next year, we are in the middle of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii March 29 – April 1, 2006, and we hope that you will join us.  This meeting will continue to have simultaneous translation and several international speakers.

The AAE officers for 2005-06 are: President Marc Balson, President-elect John S. Olmsted, Vice President Shepard S. Goldstein, Secretary Louis E. Rossman, Treasurer Gerald N. Glickman, and Immediate Past President Sandra Madison. Kenneth M. Hargreaves is Editor of the Journal of Endodontics, and Mr. James M. Drinan is the AAE’s Executive Director.  Dr. Samuel O. Dorn continues on as Chair of the International Relations Committee and North American representative to IFEA.

The AAE Web site is being significantly enhanced, with members now having the ability to engage in e-commerce (dues and product orders) and participate in online surveys, discussion forums, and listserves. Soon, members will be able to access their own membership data, to update information, if they desire. AAE membership grew to more than 6,600, including approximately 6,000 endodontists and residents.

We look forward to strengthening the ties among the international endodontic community and to growth in our relationships.