Annual Report from New Zealand

New Zealand – 06 September, 2005

Please be advised that following the recent AGM of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists, the following executive positions were adopted:

  1. President: Dr Alan Nerwich
    11th Floor60 Park St
    Sydney 2000
    Telephone:  (02) 9267 3908
    Facsimile:    (02) 9261 3880
    email: [email protected]
  2. Secretary/Treasurer: Dr Robyn Thomas
    11th Floor60 Park St
    Sydney 2000
    Telephone:  (02) 9267 3908
    Facsimile:    (02) 9261 3880
    email:        [email protected]

Winner of the 2008 Research Award

Dr. Gaelle Villette
Department of Endodontics
University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry
124 Edward Street
Toronto, ON M56G 1G6

Dear. Dr. Villette,

Congratulations on your selection as the winner of the Jean-Marie Laurichesse Reseqrch Award. Enclosed is a check for $4000.00 USD from the International Federation of Endodontic Associations(IFEA). The members of IFEA look forward to seeing the results of this research project in the future. If you desire, you can send a summary for publication on the web site.


Joseph D. Maggio
President-elect IFEA

Sociedad Argentina de Endodoncia (S.A.E.)

Argentina – 06 September, 2005


The Ordinary Annual Assembly of the Sociedad Argentina de Endodoncia (S.A.E.) was held in December 2002 with some new changes in the Board Commission membership. Committee members are as follows: President: Elisabet Ritacco, Past President: Eugenio Henry, Vice-president: Ricardo Martíez Lalis, Secretary: Graciela Salaverry, Prosecretary: Graciela Camesana, Treasurer: Carlos Russo, Pro-treasurer: Salomón Dubiansky, Regular members: Graciela Monti, Beatríz Herbel, Emilio Manzur, Miriam Miles, Substitute members: María Mónica Masson and Alicia Melgar.

Annual Report from Japan

Japan – 26 August, 2005

Annual Report 2004 Japan Endodontic Association (JEA)

  1. Members The Association has 1,487 members as of 31st December 2004.
  2. 2. General Assembly The General Assembly of the Association was held in Niigata on 10th July 2004. The Association’s annual budget, strategic plans, and overall schedule for 2004 were approved.
  3. 3. Executive Members (2004/2005)
    President: Prof. SUDA Hideaki (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

Canadian Academy of Endodontics

Canada – 12 August, 2005

The Canadian Academy of Endodontics held its 39th Annual General Meeting in Halifax Nova Scotia in September of 2003. The meeting was well attended by members and international guests. Drs. Paul Brown, Markus Haapasalo, Fred Barnett and Mohamed Fayad presented an excellent scientific program. Recent graduates from the University of Toronto Endodontic Program also presented research projects funded from the Canadian Academy of Endodontics Endowment Fund. Our Academy is proud to be able to assist in this high level of research, through the generous contributions of our members.

New Executive Officers were elected at the Halifax meeting. Dr. Greg Burk became President; Dr. Earl Winestock, President-Elect; Dr. Brian Jafine, Treasurer; Dr. Jeff Coil, Contitution and Bylaws Chair; Dr. Duncan McDougall, Past President and Dr. Paul Teplitsky, Executive Secretary.

In 2004, the CAE and the Australian Society of Endodontology will jointly hold the 4th Trans-Pacific Endodontic Conference, in Port Douglas, Australia, September 4-5. This conference will be a pre-congress event for the IFEA 6th Endodontic World Congress in Brisbane. It is shaping up to be an excellent program, held in a magnificent location, and should not be missed.

In 2005 our CAE meeting will be held in Calgary, Alberta, gateway to the beautiful Candian Rocky Mountains and in 2007, the Academy will be hosting the IFEA 7th Endodontic World Congress in Vancouver, British Columbia. Organizing committees headed by Drs. Fred Weinstein, Raymond Greenfeld, Barry Chapnick, Cal Torneck and Marshall Peikoff are busy preparing for this conference of “Super Natural Endodontics” in Vancouver, spectacular by Nature. A full Canadian contingent will be on hand in Brisbane to provide lots of information.

Flemish Society of Endontology (F.S.E.)

Belgium – 12 August, 2005

The year started with our traditional New Year’s Reception in a nice Brussels’s restaurant where colleagues and partners could discuss everything except endodontic treatments!

We held 6 meetings this year.

A great deal of time was devoted to the preparation of the 2nd “Endo-Day”. The members of the F.S.E. will again (as in 2000) present a full-day course to general practitioners, members of the Flemish Dental Society. A variety of topics will be presented: antibiotics in endodontics, use of apex locators, the parallel radiographic technique, bone regeneration techniques during endo-surgery, referral to specialists for endodontic treatment, treatment resistance, canal presentation and discussion. It is important to note that the F.S.E. encourages all of its members to prepare a topic and to become involved in scientific presentations.

A peer review meeting is also a tradition in our society. This time everybody is a speaker! ‘The Vital Pulp’ and ‘Problem solving in Endodontics’ were the topics this year.

Professor Jean-Pierre van Nieuwenhuysen and Dr. William D’Hoore (Catholic University of Louvain) gave a very interesting presentation on “Critical appraisal of the endodontic scientific literature”.

In October, a large delegation of our society attended the ESE (European Society of Endodontology) meeting in Athens. Patrick Bogaerts and Stefaan Vandenwijngaert gave well received presentations.

That same month, four of our members gave a hands’on course on surgery (on pig jaws). This course was a try-out for a new course that will be offered to the members of the Flemish Dental Society.

In the meantime, size of our members continue to give courses throughout the year – passing the endo-message on is also one of the goals of our society!

Els Tijskens
(Taken from the IFEA Newsletter – April 2004)

International Endodontic Community Meeting

Dallas, Texas
April 10, 2005

This informal gathering brought together some of the umbrella organizations that represent the various endodontic communities throughout the world as well as several individual country organizations. The idea behind this meeting was to discuss opportunities for collaboration and to explore the possibility of a single organization to build the future of endodontics. It was agreed to meet again in Dublin in September 2005 at the ESE meeting.