IFEA Board of Directors Meeting, April 29, 2009

Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando FL

Meeting started at 3 pm with A. Hoskinson, J. Maggio, P. Bogaerts, C. Torneck, S. Dorn, C. Ricci, M.

Wotzke in attendance. Regrets received from C. Sidley, E. Vizcarra

Minutes of the BofD meeting held April, 2008 were accepted as circulated electronically.

Reports of the Officers to be presented at the AGM were reviewed and discussed.

Reports of the Regents from N. America, Europe, Oceania describing activities of the member countries in their Region were presented for information.

As no Education Chair has been appointed the Directors discussed a plan to develop a plan to support the education of a generalist from a third world country who would attend a University based endodontic program for 1 year and then return to teach endodontics to undergraduates in that country. A sum of $50,000US appears to be available to support that program and would be spread over a period of several years and involve several candidates. The partnering of this program with industry to provide basic endodontic instruments and materials when they return to teach at their own school will be pursued. A proposal for the execution of this educational endeavour is to be drawn up by S. Dorn and C. Torneck. S. Dorn to assume the position of Chair.

Educational Chair sent no report of activity from the Research Committee. I Rotstein will be asked to continue as Chair.

Panos Panopoulos, Chair of the *th World Congress to be held in Athens, October 6 – 9, 2010 reported that 4 of 6 Plenary Speakers have been secured and that contact with the remaining 2 will be made shortly. The venue will be the Hilton Hotel in downtown Athens which has sufficient facilities to host the event. A fee of E105 per room was proposed but that will be renegotiated in light of the down turn in the economy. Contacts with sponsors and Country Speakers are to be made shortly and a call for General Papers will be posted in coming endodontic journals. Announcments of the meeting are to be distributed at this year’s AAE meeting.

As no negative comments were received re the amendments to the By-Laws the Directors unanimously approved them for presentation at the AGM.

J. Maggio described the difficulties that had befallen the IFEA web site and commented that the one that is up and running now will still be support by Sybron Endo but that changes in its contents can now be done by him or people that he hires to help him. It was suggested that he seek the services of a graphic designer to make the web pages more visual appeal and more easily read. Joe was thanked by the assembled for the efforts he has expended on getting the web site up and running again.

The European Regent (Ricci) reported that there were no further attempts by the promoters of the IAE to gain ESE recognition. While the imminent possibility of another world endodontic organization does now seem a reality future proposals for ESE recognition cannot be ignored.

The documents supporting the admission of Ukraine and Guatemala as new members of IFEA were reviewed and a recommendation made to support the acceptance into membership at the AGM. The Secretary was also notified that after months of dialogue with endodontists in Brazil the SBE is to be officially inaugurated on October 19, 2009 at which time a representative of IFEA will be presented with the documents for their acceptance as members of IFEA.

The resignation of Philippines from active membership was received. It was decided to dialogue with members of the society personally before the resignation is officially accepted.

Dues were discussed and it was decided that all methods of payment would be accepted. However, since payment of dues by any means other than cash of cheque involves costs to the Association, and that since no increase in dues was made in 2009, dues of $350US will be levied for 2010. Motion passed unanimously.

It was decided to remove the Speaker List from the web site since it is underused.

A report on plans for the 9th World Congress in Tokyo was submitted by H. Suda and read by the Secretary. The date of the meeting will be May 23 – 26, 2013 in association with the JEA at the Tokyo International Forum, a facility capable of accommodating all of our functions. The estimated attendance at this time is >1150.

IFEA Executive to meet with the AAE Executive for dialogue on Sat. May 2, 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 5PM.