Minutes of General Assembly Meeting – August 25, 2007

Vancouver BC Canada

  1. Call to order at 3:28 PM
  2. Roll Call:  23 countries represented, 1non-member country (Poland)
  3. Minutes of the 2006 Meeting of the Officers and Board of Regents April 2006 were distributed and Approved
    Minutes of the 2006 Meeting of the General Assembly April 2006 were distributed and Approved
  4. The reports of the President(Abbott), Secretary(Maggio), Treasurer(Maggio) were accepted
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Education Committee(Reid)-The chairman is completing his term-no recommendations for funding as no requests were made
    2. Research Committee(Rotstein) selected Dr. Gaelle Villette from the University of Toronto as the winner of the Laurichesse Award.
    3. “The Development of an Ex-vivo Model for Quantification of Root Canal Bacteria During Endodontic Treatment”
    4. World Congress-Vancouver 2007(Weinstein) 1068 total registration, 55 countries, 80 exhibits
    5. World Congress Athens 2010 (Panopoulos) The new dates are October  6-9, 2010 at the Athens Hilton Hotel.  The local planning committee has selected a PCO and a web site will be developed  www.IFEA2010-Athens.com
  6. Web site sponsorship-Sybron Dental Specialities will continue to sponsor our web site.
  7. New Business(agenda modified)
    a) Selection of site for 2013 World Congress
    1) The Japan Endodontic Association(Suda) presented Tokyo as the site
    for the Ninth World Congress.  The JEA has existed for 27 years and
    has 1654 active members.  They will use the Tokyo International
    Forum as a venue.
    2) The Indian Endodontic Society(Banga) submitted a letter suggesting
    the city of Delhi to host the 2013 World Congress.

    Tokyo, Japan was Approved
    India was encouraged to submit a proposal in Greece in 2010
    following the IFEA guidelines.
    b) Appointment of Regents
    1) Clive Sidley-Africa
    2) Ernesto Vizcarra-Asia
    3) Catherine Ricci-Europe
    4) Sam Dorn-North America
    5) Mark Wotzke-Oceania
    6) Ricardo Lalis-South America
    Ernesto Vizcarro and Ricardo Lalis will be notified by the Secretary
    c) Cal Torneck nominated for Secretary
    Joseph Maggio nominated for President-Elect
    Tony Hoskinson nominated for President
    No additional nominations were submitted
    d) Patrick Bogaerts of Belgium was appointed treasurer for a 1 year term
    e) Ad Hoc Committee to study objectives, dues and expenses (Maggio)
    Members: Luis Aranda (Mexico)
    Benjamin Briseno (Germany)
    John Fraser (Canada)
    Wayne Maillet (Canada)
    James Roane (USA)

    President Abbott outlined the proposal for the organization of a new second international organization.  IFEA has objected to its formation since we represent 27 nations world wide already.

    Our constitution and by-laws could be changed to make the formation of a second organization unnecessary.  However, they could only be changed at a General Assembly Meeting and this did not meet the time table set by those wishing to start this new organization.

    IFEA was not included in any further discussions concerning the formation and development of a Constitution and by-laws for this international body.

    f) Future of IFEA
    Input from most country representatives was to oppose the formation  of International Endodontic Association and instruct President Hoskinson to work in a spirit of cooperation
    g) The next General Assembly will be held in Vancouver BC Canada in April 2008

Adjourned 5:15 PM