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IFEA welcomed the Lithuanian Society of Endodontology (LSE) into its membership at the GAM in Cape Town on 5th June, 2016. This increased the IFEA membership of country representative associations to 37.

IFEA President Dr Mark Wotzke, advised Regents and IFEA Member Associations on 11th September 2016, the following;

“…that the IFEA Executive in accordance with IFEA By-Laws (revised September 2015) and the World Congress Guidelines (March 2000), and after very deliberate consideration, reached the decision to regretfully withdraw the invitation to the Turkish Endodontic Society (TES) to host the 11th World Endodontic Congress (WEC) in Istanbul in May 2018. The Executive in acknowledging that the Congress was still 19 months away and that TES was the victim of circumstances beyond its control, nevertheless considered with the frequent and recent acts of violence in Turkey, including Istanbul, and the recent political unrest, that the safety of Congress delegates would likely be compromised if the Congress was held there at that time.

The Executive is sincerely grateful and thankful to the Turkish Endodontic Society and its Congress Organising Committee for the enormous time, effort and dedication needed to bid for the Congress and begin the process of its organisation, and is acutely aware of the disappointment felt by all in TES. The TES however, if it so desires, has the opportunity to bid again for future World Congresses, and I hope that at some time in the future the Society can hold a Congress in beautiful Istanbul.

It’s been decided by the Executive that the 11th WEC will now be hosted by the Korean Academy of Endodontics (KAE) in Seoul, Korea, in October 2018, (either 4th -7th or 11th -14th) and the specific date and Congress website address will be announced shortly. The Congress website will have preliminary information posted on it as soon as possible.

The change related to the 11th WEC in Seoul also means that the 13th WEC (which was due to be held in Seoul in 2022), will now be open to bidding by Member Associations to host the 13th WEC in 2022. The Executive will announce when this will occur in the foreseeable future. The IFEA website will be updated in the near future to reflect these changes along with other IFEA news. The 12th WEC is still scheduled to be held in Chennai, India in 2020.

In the meantime the Executive together with Past President, Dr Patrick Bogaerts and Regent, Dr Alan Nerwich are continuing the review of the Policy Document, “Guidelines for the Organization of World Congresses and Criteria for Selection of Congress Venues (March 2000)”.

I hope you will all be understanding of the unfortunate reasons for the change related to the 11th World Endodontic Congress in 2018.”

On the 18th October 2016 the President advised Regents and Member associations that “….the 11th IFEA World Endodontic Congress (WEC) in Seoul, Korea has now been confirmed as October 4-7, 2018. The venue is the state of the art Convention and Exhibition Centre (Coex). The theme of the Congress is; Endodontics: The utmost values in dentistry.

The Congress Organising Committee is working most enthusiastically in organising the programme and preliminary details will be posted in the near future on the newly established Congress website….”

At the 2015 GAM (September 18th) in Barcelona, Turkey (Turkish Endodontic Society) was the successful bidder to host the 11th IFEA World Endodontic Congress in 2018 in Istanbul. Congratulations to Dr. Faruk Haznedaroglu, President of TES and to all concerned for their successful bid.

IFEA welcomed the Egyptian Association of Endodontics (EAE) into its membership at the GAM in Washington DC, May 2nd 2014.This increased the IFEA membership of country representative associations to 36.

IFEA now has 35 member countries. Iraq Endodontic Club has joined while Endodontic Society of the Philippines and Columbia Endodontic Society have returned to IFEA.

India(Dr. Gopi Krishua) was selected for the 11th World Endodontic Congress. Thank you to Thailand(Dr. Jaru-Ampornpan) and Turkey(Dr. Hakki Sunay) for their applications to host the 11th World Congress.

The Endodontic Society of the Philippines rejoined our organization and the Iraqi Endodontic Club and the Colombian Endodontic Society had already submitted their application.

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