Bidding for the 13th IFEA World Endodontic Congress in 2022.

At the IFEA GAM in Cape Town during the 10th WEC meeting, on Sunday 5th June, 2016 , 10:25~12:20. at the Breakaway 3 room of the Cape Town International Convention Centre will be an opportunity for interested Member Associations to present their bid to host the 13th IFEA World Endodontic Congress, scheduled for 2022. The bid will also need to be presented at the Board of Director’s meeting at the same venue and room on Saturday 4th June 2016, 14.25~ 15.45. A Member Association’s proposal for the bid must be submitted to the IFEA Secretary no later than May 20th 2016.

Refer to the Congress Guidelines for more information

Recent By-Law Amendments

IFEA World Endodontic Congress
At the 2015 GAM (Barcelona 18th September), the amendment of IFEA By-Law, Article XI 1.i) (a) was ratified.

The Endodontic World Congresses will be held in different locations at times to be determined by the Executive Committee, and they will be conducted on behalf of the Federation by the national Member Society/Association of the country in which the Congress will be held.

Membership: Ammendment of the IFEA By-Law amendment was ratified at the 2013 GAM (Tokyo, May 26th) (Article IV (Membership), 1. Eligibility, iii) In order to be eligible for membership in the Federation, endodontic societies/associations must responsibly and legitimately represent Endodontics in that country. The number of members required for country membership will be at the discretion of the officers and Board of Directors and can be revisited if situations within a country change.
Read Full By-Law Document.

Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation – 2011 Announcement

Akbar Khayat DDS, MSc, FRCD(c)
Endodontic department
Shiraz Uni of med Science
Shiraz Iran
Tel: 98 917 314 1418
Fax: 98 711 6285274
E mail:

October, 2009

Please Mark Your Calendars Know

Dear Colleagues

In the 12th Biennial General Meeting of the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation which was held in Tokyo, Japan ( Friday,24th April,2009), Iran was elected to be sponsored of the  16th Scientific Congress of the APEC. The meeting will take place in conjunction with the 14th annual congress of the Iranian Association of Endodontists on March 2011 in Kish Island, Iran.
This is the first announcement regarding the Kish Island, beautiful environment with pleasant weather which is the venue of the meeting.

Kish is located on the northeast of the Persian Gulf, 18 km from the southern offshore of the mainland Iran. Kish Island with an area of 90 square kilometers is one of the most marvelous and more beautiful regions of the Persian gulf and has attracted the attention of many national and international tourists. Kish as a Free port, with its sweet water and beautiful coast is covered with white silvery sand washed by azure blue waves of the sea.

Kish has a long history of about 3000 years, known for the quality of its pearls. When Marco Polo was visiting the Imperial court in China, he was told that they had come from Kish.

Kish with natural environment and fresh air, has all sorts of high class facilities: Vilas, Hotels, Guesthouses, Bazars, advanced communication systems, Transportation facilities, Banking systems,  walfare and health care centers, restaurants, sport centers, as well as tax and duty Visa exemption for foreigners.

In Kish there are several colleges and university which have established in recent years. Medical, dental and pharmacy schools making the island a place of considerable standing and prosperity.

In Kish you can go boating, cycling, diving, swimming and fishing all along the seashore and have a cheerful and unforgettable stay. For further information, visit web site at

We are pleased to invite and welcoming dentists, endodontists and other professional persons who are interested in Endodontics around the world especially colleagues within the Asian Pacific Region.

With best Wishes

Akbar Khayat
APEC president

IFEA Board of Directors Meeting, April 29, 2009

Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando FL

Meeting started at 3 pm with A. Hoskinson, J. Maggio, P. Bogaerts, C. Torneck, S. Dorn, C. Ricci, M.

Wotzke in attendance. Regrets received from C. Sidley, E. Vizcarra

Minutes of the BofD meeting held April, 2008 were accepted as circulated electronically.

Reports of the Officers to be presented at the AGM were reviewed and discussed.

Reports of the Regents from N. America, Europe, Oceania describing activities of the member countries in their Region were presented for information.

As no Education Chair has been appointed the Directors discussed a plan to develop a plan to support the education of a generalist from a third world country who would attend a University based endodontic program for 1 year and then return to teach endodontics to undergraduates in that country. A sum of $50,000US appears to be available to support that program and would be spread over a period of several years and involve several candidates. The partnering of this program with industry to provide basic endodontic instruments and materials when they return to teach at their own school will be pursued. A proposal for the execution of this educational endeavour is to be drawn up by S. Dorn and C. Torneck. S. Dorn to assume the position of Chair.

Educational Chair sent no report of activity from the Research Committee. I Rotstein will be asked to continue as Chair.

Panos Panopoulos, Chair of the *th World Congress to be held in Athens, October 6 – 9, 2010 reported that 4 of 6 Plenary Speakers have been secured and that contact with the remaining 2 will be made shortly. The venue will be the Hilton Hotel in downtown Athens which has sufficient facilities to host the event. A fee of E105 per room was proposed but that will be renegotiated in light of the down turn in the economy. Contacts with sponsors and Country Speakers are to be made shortly and a call for General Papers will be posted in coming endodontic journals. Announcments of the meeting are to be distributed at this year’s AAE meeting.

As no negative comments were received re the amendments to the By-Laws the Directors unanimously approved them for presentation at the AGM.

J. Maggio described the difficulties that had befallen the IFEA web site and commented that the one that is up and running now will still be support by Sybron Endo but that changes in its contents can now be done by him or people that he hires to help him. It was suggested that he seek the services of a graphic designer to make the web pages more visual appeal and more easily read. Joe was thanked by the assembled for the efforts he has expended on getting the web site up and running again.

The European Regent (Ricci) reported that there were no further attempts by the promoters of the IAE to gain ESE recognition. While the imminent possibility of another world endodontic organization does now seem a reality future proposals for ESE recognition cannot be ignored.

The documents supporting the admission of Ukraine and Guatemala as new members of IFEA were reviewed and a recommendation made to support the acceptance into membership at the AGM. The Secretary was also notified that after months of dialogue with endodontists in Brazil the SBE is to be officially inaugurated on October 19, 2009 at which time a representative of IFEA will be presented with the documents for their acceptance as members of IFEA.

The resignation of Philippines from active membership was received. It was decided to dialogue with members of the society personally before the resignation is officially accepted.

Dues were discussed and it was decided that all methods of payment would be accepted. However, since payment of dues by any means other than cash of cheque involves costs to the Association, and that since no increase in dues was made in 2009, dues of $350US will be levied for 2010. Motion passed unanimously.

It was decided to remove the Speaker List from the web site since it is underused.

A report on plans for the 9th World Congress in Tokyo was submitted by H. Suda and read by the Secretary. The date of the meeting will be May 23 – 26, 2013 in association with the JEA at the Tokyo International Forum, a facility capable of accommodating all of our functions. The estimated attendance at this time is >1150.

IFEA Executive to meet with the AAE Executive for dialogue on Sat. May 2, 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 5PM.

Minutes of General Assembly Meeting – August 25, 2007

Vancouver BC Canada

  1. Call to order at 3:28 PM
  2. Roll Call:  23 countries represented, 1non-member country (Poland)
  3. Minutes of the 2006 Meeting of the Officers and Board of Regents April 2006 were distributed and Approved
    Minutes of the 2006 Meeting of the General Assembly April 2006 were distributed and Approved
  4. The reports of the President(Abbott), Secretary(Maggio), Treasurer(Maggio) were accepted
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Education Committee(Reid)-The chairman is completing his term-no recommendations for funding as no requests were made
    2. Research Committee(Rotstein) selected Dr. Gaelle Villette from the University of Toronto as the winner of the Laurichesse Award.
    3. “The Development of an Ex-vivo Model for Quantification of Root Canal Bacteria During Endodontic Treatment”
    4. World Congress-Vancouver 2007(Weinstein) 1068 total registration, 55 countries, 80 exhibits
    5. World Congress Athens 2010 (Panopoulos) The new dates are October  6-9, 2010 at the Athens Hilton Hotel.  The local planning committee has selected a PCO and a web site will be developed
  6. Web site sponsorship-Sybron Dental Specialities will continue to sponsor our web site.
  7. New Business(agenda modified)
    a) Selection of site for 2013 World Congress
    1) The Japan Endodontic Association(Suda) presented Tokyo as the site
    for the Ninth World Congress.  The JEA has existed for 27 years and
    has 1654 active members.  They will use the Tokyo International
    Forum as a venue.
    2) The Indian Endodontic Society(Banga) submitted a letter suggesting
    the city of Delhi to host the 2013 World Congress.

    Tokyo, Japan was Approved
    India was encouraged to submit a proposal in Greece in 2010
    following the IFEA guidelines.
    b) Appointment of Regents
    1) Clive Sidley-Africa
    2) Ernesto Vizcarra-Asia
    3) Catherine Ricci-Europe
    4) Sam Dorn-North America
    5) Mark Wotzke-Oceania
    6) Ricardo Lalis-South America
    Ernesto Vizcarro and Ricardo Lalis will be notified by the Secretary
    c) Cal Torneck nominated for Secretary
    Joseph Maggio nominated for President-Elect
    Tony Hoskinson nominated for President
    No additional nominations were submitted
    d) Patrick Bogaerts of Belgium was appointed treasurer for a 1 year term
    e) Ad Hoc Committee to study objectives, dues and expenses (Maggio)
    Members: Luis Aranda (Mexico)
    Benjamin Briseno (Germany)
    John Fraser (Canada)
    Wayne Maillet (Canada)
    James Roane (USA)

    President Abbott outlined the proposal for the organization of a new second international organization.  IFEA has objected to its formation since we represent 27 nations world wide already.

    Our constitution and by-laws could be changed to make the formation of a second organization unnecessary.  However, they could only be changed at a General Assembly Meeting and this did not meet the time table set by those wishing to start this new organization.

    IFEA was not included in any further discussions concerning the formation and development of a Constitution and by-laws for this international body.

    f) Future of IFEA
    Input from most country representatives was to oppose the formation  of International Endodontic Association and instruct President Hoskinson to work in a spirit of cooperation
    g) The next General Assembly will be held in Vancouver BC Canada in April 2008

Adjourned 5:15 PM

President-Elect Report – 2009

In the past, the president-elect has had a brief rest between a busy stretch as secretary and before the presidency.  That was not the case this year. This year our IFEA web site was corrupted by a virus.  Many of you are aware of this.  This virus threatened not only our website but it threatened to attack the host server sponsored by Sybron Endo.  A considerable amount of time and talent was spent by Sybon’s IT personnel to resolve this problem and prevent the destruction of our web site and more importantly their server.  We shut the IFEA website down to prevent the spread of this virus to anyone who visited the site.

Our Website has been completely rebuilt and updating is currently under way.  Thank you all for your patience while we completed the process.  We will now be able to update this site ourselves without having to go through Sybron.  They will still sponsor this at no cost to us.  Thank you Sybron Endo.

Now to make this our most useful means of communication, I ask that you send me your country reports  as MS Word text files and JPEG photo files.  These can be imported directly to the web site.  The official language of IFEA is English, so please use it.  We can also place your report in your own language, if you so desire to send it that way as well.  Please send these to

Since we do all our banking in the state of Illinois, I assist our treasurer Patrick Bogarts with the deposit of our dues and move our funds into interest bearing accounts.  We also continue to look at methods to make the process of dues payment easier and less time consuming.

Our income from the World Congress in Canada produced enough income that it was necessary for us to file a Federal tax return with no tax due because of our not for profit status.

I look forward to working with the organizing committee from Greece as we prepare for our 8th World Congress and invite you all to Athens October 9-12, 2010.

It has been a pleasure working with Tony, Cal, Patrick and Paul though out the past year.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph D. Maggio

IFEA Annual General Meeting – 10am, April 30, 2009

Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando FL

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Hoskinson at 10:10am with 23 members, representing 13 countries present.

Minutes of the AGM held on Aug. 2008 in Vancouver Canada were approved as circulated 90 days prior to the current meeting. (Canada; Australia)

The report of President Hoskinson reflecting the activities of his office during the past year was read (Appendix 1) and accepted. (France; Mexico). The report highlighted the changes made in the IFEA ByLaws to make the Association more efficient, more responsive, and more inclusive.

The report of Vice President Maggio reflecting on the activities of his office during the past year was read (Appendix 2) and accepted. (Greece; Spain) The report highlighted the difficulties encountered with the web site during the past year and the restructuring that followed to make it more user-friendly and independent of the web site sponsor, Sybron Dental.

The report of Secretary Torneck reflecting on the activities of his office during the past year was read (Appendix 3) and accepted (Greece; Australia).  The report highlighted the difficulties encountered by the office of the Secretary in keeping the member contact information current and correspondence with  Guatemal, Ukraine, Brazil, and Russia regaring membership in IFEA.  As a result of that correspondence documents necessary for membership were received from Guatemala and Ukraine. Discussions with Brazil and Russia continue and just 3 days prior to is meeting the Secretary was informed that the newly constituted SBE of Brazil will be holding an inaugural meeting on October 29 at which time it will present to IFEA the documents required for IFEA membership. Motions included in the report of the Secretary were the acquisition of a corporate credit card to be held by the Treasurer to cover expenses incurred by IFEA during non-Congress years, the creation of hyperlinks to member country web sites that could be updated by the member country when changes of Executive occur, and the extension of the role of the Regent assure that contact information and activities of the member countries reach the office of the Secretary in a timely manner. The Secretary was also informed of the intention of the Philippines to withdraw from membership due to economic difficulties. The Executive decided to withhold acceptance of the resignation until the has been further dialogue with the Executive of the EAP.

The report of Treasurer Bogaerts reflecting on the financial status of IFEA at the end of the current year was read (Appendix 4) and accepted (France; Canada). The report highlighted the difficulties and costs encountered by the office of Treasurer in processing dues payments during the past year and the favourable balance that his due diligence has produced> Motions included in his report was the availability of funds to sponsor additional educational support for 1 or more acceptable candidates and a modest increase in dues for 2010 to $350US.

Regrets and no reports were submitted by Regents from Africa (Sidley) and Asia (Vizcarra).

N. American Regent (Dorn) reported on the activities of the member countries in his region highlighting the future AGM’s of Mexico on May 2009, Canada August 27, 2009, and the USA April 14, 2010. The fall meeting of the AAE has been scheduled on October 29, 2009 in Cancun MX.

European Regent (Ricci) reported on activities in Europe in particular the events associated with the directors attempt to gain support for the establishment of the IAE. Due to lack of ground roots support however moves in that direction have been curtailed and at least for the short term no further attempts seem likely. The next meeting of the ESE has been scheduled for Sept. 24-26, 2009 in Edinburgh UK.

Oceania Regent (Wotzke) reported on the activities of the ASE and the NZSE in particular their inaugural conference the Trans-Tasman Endodontic Conference held in Tasmania on November 22, 2008.The conference drew 400 delegates and was considered a scientific and organizational success. The second conference is scheduled for Christchurch NZ November 4-6, 2010. In March 2008 the ASE hosted a pre Conference course in Perth Australia.

Education Chair (Abbott) reported that the candidate supported by funds from our Educational Grant has now returned to Fiji and is teaching Endodontics in the Undergraduate Program.

Research Chair (Rotstein) was not present but the Assembly was informed that funds had been sent to the last recipient of the IFEA Research Award Dr. Amir Azarpazhooh.

The Chair of the 8th World Congress (Panopoulos) to be held in Athens October 6-9, 2010 reported that the venue will be the Hilton Hotel in downtown Athens. Progress be being made to finalize the list of Plenary Speakers and e-mails to the member countries will be sent shortly to announce their Country Speaker. The Congress will be promoted at the current AAE Meeting and the next to be held in San Diego. The Congress is partnered with the Hellenic Society of Endodontics.

The Chair of the 9th World Congress (Suda) to be held in Tokyo submitted a report announcing the date of the Congress as May 23rd to 26th, 2013 in partnership with the Japan Endodontic Association. The venue will be Tokyo International Forum. Information re the Congress will appear shortly on the JEA web site.

The amended By-Laws which had been sent in a timely manner to all member countries were presented for acceptance by the Assembly (Canada: France) and as there had been no submitted objections or suggestions for change, was unanimously passed on the floor. Changes introduced into the By-Laws will take effect immediately.

The Web Site Report was included in the Report of the President Elect and suggestions made from the floor to improve its appearance, its link-up with member web sites, and the posting of a calendar of the meetings of all member countries will be introduced at the earliest possible time.

Due to lack of interest by member countries the speaker-list currently appearing on the web site will be removed and not re-introduced unless requested so by a majority of members at a future meeting.

The credentials for membership of the Asociacion Guatemalteca de Endodoncia were presented to the Assembly (Australia: France) and unanimously accepted.

The credentials for membership of the Ukrainian Endodontic Association were presented to the Assembly (Mexico: Spain) and unanimously accepted.

The date of the next AGM of IFEA was scheduled for October 7, 2010 in Athens, Greece.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:22am.

IFEA General Assembly, Friday April 11, 2008

Gazebo Room, Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

Meeting called to order by President Hoskinson at 10:15 am. After some delay a quorum was present.  Minutes of 2007 General Assembly Meeting accepted without change or alteration.

President reported that proposals were being formulated to revise the By-Laws (see below) He also reported that meeting held with the proposed IAE group on April 10 made some modest progress in addressing disagreements between the groups.   Prior to adjournment it was agreed that the ESE representative, Gunnar Bergenholtz, would make a proposal to the ESE  to invite all ESE countries to join IFEA to have voting privileges and that ESE collectively could have representation at IFEA Board of Directors meetings as an observer without voting privileges.  Dr. Bergenholtz would also propose for approval a joint IFEA/ESE undertaking sponsored by ESE to identify research priorities in Endodontics.

President-elect Maggio reported on progress being made in the Web Site update and plans to have hyperlink to web pages of component organizations to facilitate future changes in their executive boards.

Secretary Torneck reported on progress made to update information on organization contacts and on plans to issue invitations to membership to several countries that are not yet IFEA members.

Treasurer Bogaerts reported balance of treasury as of January 31, 2008 as $13980.62 with pending expenses of $17701.03.  The 2009 dues to be increased to $350.00 to address increase in costs of conducting IFEA business.

Regent reports received from Oceana (Wotzke- new regent welcomed by President on behalf of Board of Directors); North America (Dorn) and Europe (Ricci).  Apologies had been received from Asia (Vizcarra) and Africa (Sidley)

Request for Education Grant of $8,000.00 to support 1 year endodontic training of a full-time endodontic educator, Dr.Arpana Devi from Fiji. Approved.  Dr  Devi to be trained at the University of Western Australia and to return to  Fiji to teach endodontics to undergraduate dental students.

Research Chairman Dr. Rotstein reported Dr. Amir Azarpazhooh of University of Toronto was recipient of $4,000.00 Research Award.

Report from Terry Farmakis, representative appointed by Chair Panopoulos, on progress made in development of 8th World Endodontic Congress in Athens in 2010.

President Hoskinson reported on correspondence received from Professor Suda that date of the World Endodontic Congress to be held in Tokyo was May 2013. This date was in conflict with scheduled date of AAE meeting to be held in Hawaii that year.  A request will be made to the JEA to make sure that they were aware of the date of the AAE Annual Meeting and to consider moving our Congress to late summer.

As part of re-organization discussed at BOD meeting, a proposal will be made to alter Bylaws and Constitution to appoint Treasurer as a voting member of the Board of Directors and to investigate possibility of establishing a world bank as official bank of IFEA to facilitate dues payments and reduce currency transfer costs..
Proposed that the term of office for Board of Directors be changed to 2 years (currently 3).  Proposed that time of notification for changes to Constitution and By-Laws be changed to 60days (currently120) days) if the proposal comes from a member organization.  Proposed that Regents appointed by continental organizations be re-elected every 2 years.

Prior to adjournment it was agreed that the ESE representative, Gunnar Bergenholtz would make a proposal to the ESE to invite all ESE countries to join IFEA to have voting privileges and that the ESE collectively could have representation at IFEA Board of Directors meetings as an observer without voting privileges.

Next Annual General Meeting scheduled for Orlando, Florida, April 29 – May 2, 2009 in concert with the AAE Annual Session. Date and time to be advised.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.